About Us

Meet the Owner

Don Jordan is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and thrives on solving real problems that bring value to people’s lives. He uses his strong communication and engineering abilities to convey ideas and solutions through digital and physical means. His knowledge of tools and manufacturing processes allow him to quickly and efficiently iterate on different designs.


He obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno with a focus on robotics. While attending, he worked at multiple startups in the aerospace and consumer electronic market. Don also experimented with amateur rocketry and led a small team to launch a self-funded scientific balloon to the edge of our atmosphere.


After graduation, Don landed at Google X to support their robotics effort. Here he designed parts, built parts and put together complex assemblies. He also leveraged robotics to automate manufacturing and testing processes. Saving time, money and reducing measurement errors.


Don has also spent time at Boosted Boards where he was put on the prototyping team. Extensive product testing exposed him to the rigorous process of bringing a successful product to market. He took ownership of the CNC operations in the shop and saved countless hours and dollars by producing parts in house.